We have everything we need RIGHT NOW to flourish

We have everything we need right now to flourish, and it’s not about waiting for our circumstances in our lives to be perfect or ideal for that to happen. Case in point – A few weeks ago, we arrive at our old farmhouse in upstate NY, and Charlie, my sweetheart calls me over, “Come quick, you’ve got to see this.  It’s amazing.”
I run down the stairs to the kitchen, and lo and behold, up from the drain in the kitchen sink is a single stem of a plant, 6” high, growing vibrantly. We look at each awestruck, confused how that could happen. We take a flashlight and looked down and there it was 3 or 4 inches into the drain pipe, right in the elbow, the roots of the plant already had started forming. How did that happen? I then realized. A few weeks ago, when I was last there, I was washing out my glass from my power shake, and one of the seeds that I make it with, (pretty powerful!) must have adhered itself to the inside of the drain pipe.
It had so little to work with. It certainly didn’t have all the basics to thrive; soil, fertilizer, sunshine, or even a steady stream of water, just some moisture. But it ultimately had all it needed to flourish. Why was it still able to grow? Because it had “enough.” Enough moisture, a strong enough anchor to ground its roots, but ultimately it grew, because it’s a seed, and seeds are hard wired to grow. That’s what it’s supposed to do. I then realized that we’re no different than that seed.
We don’t need to wait for our outside circumstances to be totally aligned to take action, or the perfect plan, though those are very helpful in the process of transformation. All we need is “enough,” and the most important thing, a willingness to allow our innate wiring towards flourishing to do its thing. That “seed” is in all of us, every moment, every day, and we have a choice to adhere ourselves to what will anchor us and do what we’re meant to do; GROW!