What does finishing strong look like for you in 2020?

This morning I hit a huge amount of resistance to writing my post. My mind, especially in the morning, facing the day often feels like a Maytag washing machine that won’t go to spin dry!

I love mornings, I’m one of those (for some) annoying people who don’t drink caffeine and can have totally coherent conversations, and am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (IF I’ve had enough sleep) as soon as I pop out of bed.

Mornings are full of promise, potential, and endless possibilities, and with that goes, an overly optimistic ambition of what can get accomplished in a day. Much of which doesn’t get done because of just that. There it is, I outed myself.

But today, I wanted to bail, and not write a post. What to write about? Does it matter either way? Everyone’s in their own world, do they even care either way?

The voice of resistance was piercingly loud and persistent in my brain.

Luckily another voice came through as I was getting dressed, “You said you wanted to finish 2020 strong and daily writing to your peeps is one aspect of that?” Echoed back; all before 8am. Yup, I have a very active inner life. No need for cable! But do love my firestick!

And I was reminded of the several goals and/or criteria of what “finishing strong” means for me in 2020. They’re across the boards from health, finance, business, branding, self-expression, political advocacy and plain old having more meaning and fulfillment.

Finishing strong isn’t about slapping a happy band-aid on this trainwreck of a year, or affirming my challenges away, but it is about the daily choices I make and the habits I commit to making those choices happen.

So today I write, because it’s the right thing for me to do, and I love it! And I’m committed to finishing 2020 strong, and to be able to look back and say ‘Wow that was a year of tremendous challenge, seismic change, but also tremendous growth, and I finished strong!’

How about you? Right now? Wanna join me in Finishing Strong? What does that look like for you? I’d LOVE to know. Thanks for reading and sharing.