What Your Days Are Filled With Is What You’re Life Is Full Of!

It’s just too easy to focus on this far-off dream of “I want my life to be more adventurous, less frenzied, more fulfilling, (fill in the blank),” and seeing one’s life as this amorphous far off in the future organism of chance and serendipity. Instead what our life is full of is a culmination of the moments of our days, weeks, months and really most importantly, the present moment in time.
Here’s a case in point. After a full morning of navigating a learning curve on social mediathat feels as tricky as the Indie 500, and adding another 5 more items to lop on my Lazy Susan revolving things to do list, I found myself exhausted, fried and needing a nap. At that moment, if someone asked me about my life I would probably respond, “overwhelming but thankfully forward moving.” I stopped, noticed my exhaustion (more mental then anything else) and took 15 minutes to meditate, do some spiritual reading, and grab a quick snack before heading out to the gym because I was in “I gotta get out of here mode!” As I ate my snack and refueled, I thought back to the current moment and I realized that I’d much prefer my life to be defined by curiosity, creativity and sharing. Upon declaring that to myself (and the 1/4 melon in front of me) a renewed sense of creativity surged forth, and the idea for this blog from my list of Lois-isms (I’m up to 250 now) literally bubbled up to the surface. Twenty minutes later, I’m heading to the gym, but now with a sense of fulfillment, having expressed my creativity and thoughts hoping to make a difference for someone else, feeling far more connected to myself and my community and my truth.

So I ask you (as I ask myself) if you’re feeling restless or stuck with the direction your life is going, you can stop breathe and ponder, “What is the direction of this very moment I’m living?” and make a choice to shift in the direction of what you’d like your life to be full of.
Remember, “Shift Happens….but only if you Happen to know how to Shift.”
Many blessings,