With the critical inch, priorities are a cinch!

One of the biggest issues my clients face is what I call, being bloated at the banquet of life; overfed but undernourished. It manifests in the nagging experience of being both overwhelmed yet unfulfilled.

I hear the same complaint over and over, that points to a lack of clarity and satisfaction on what are their true priorities are and what in fact has been accomplished. With all the “time saving” devices, resources, and technology, we’re busier than ever, while our own soul goals sit in the archives of our grey matter, gathering dust.

So how do we address this chronic aching in our soul to really do something that we’re passionate about, and experience the true satisfaction of fulfilling our life’s destiny? Well, I love the term “critical inch” that Richard Carlson (Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff-author) uses. Looking at that next critical inch of the project or dream that will propel you forward. Often it’s the one we resist the most due to garden variety resistance, fear of uncertainty, or asking for help, but when we do it, we feel a huge relief.

What dream is still in your heart that is aching to come to fruition? What unfinished project gnaws at you? It could be a personal goal or a professional one, but when you find the critical inch and do it, it makes a huge difference. I always say the body doesn’t lie (to be discussed in a future blog), so check in with your body, feel if there’s any vitality connected with that piece of it. You could get a visceral reaction, like abject fear, which really tells you you’re on the right track, or more subtle, like your internal 5 year old having a temper tantrum screaming “No, you can’t make me.” Or it could be your breath slowing down, reinforcing how much peace that activity will bring.

I believe that if you really check in with your intuitive self, and are willing to hear the answers, you’ll know. Set a moderate goal, especially in the beginning, so you get to win! and develop a trust in your capacity to move forward.

Be careful of busy work that keeps you away from the critical inch. One of my client’s said she knew her husband was having a hard time completing his doctorate, when she came home and found he had reorganized the entire kitchen cupboards; in alphabetic order.

What’s your dream? What’s the critical inch to get you there? What structures will you put in place to get you there? With the critical inch, priorities are a cinch!

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