Women’s Leadership Speaking

My motto is and always will be, “Happy Women. Happy Planet.” When women are empowered to step into the full breadth of their gifts, talents, and passions the ripple effect on leadership, health and well-being, business, and social causes on a local, national and global level thrive exponentially.

Having at least 30% of women in leadership positions, or “C-suite,” adds 6% to net profit margin

The numbers don’t lie, and the data is and has been in for awhile; women in leadership positions moves a company to greater success. It’s not only about what’s fair and just, but what makes better business sense.

Responsibility is Empowering

Let’s face it we’ve all had our own version of:

  • Good Girls Do……Good Girls Don’t terminally undermining messaging.
  • Second guessing ourselves
  • Feeling like we have to be over qualified to go after a position that most men wouldn’t think twice about pursuing.
  • Not negotiating or putting ourselves in situations where we can gain greater visibility and promotion.
  • Flip-flopping between strident aggressive behavior and tentative apologetic communication which I call that the “Diva Doormat Syndrome.”
  • Being the recipient of mansplaining, manspreading and not getting credit for the work we do or promotions and recognition we deserve

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song, “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy, a timeless anthem for women’s empowerment leadership and diversity. I revved up the volume to 12, started dancing and tearing up at the same time. The truths of the lyrics, “I am strong,” “I am invincible,” “I am woman,” reverberated through my body as a young pre-adolescent woman as it still does decades later. Our mind can lie, but our body always tells the truth. It’s simply ageless!

That’s why in my “Shatter Your Inner and Outer Glass Ceiling” program (both in stand alone or multi-module curriculum) my passion is to champion women in leadership on all levels within a company, organization or on an entrepreneurial level.  The way I see it, the work is two-fold; to skillfully address the implicit bias within the organization (aka Outer Glass Ceiling) along with honoring the ways, as women, we unwittingly are participating in this bias by allowing our own thoughts, beliefs and actions to keep us small, scared and stuck, or at the very least, not get nearly as far as we could get (Inner Glass Ceiling).

It is out of my commitment to support women that I created my “Shatter Your Inner and Outer Glass Ceiling” program that I’ve presented as a keynote, workshop and multi-module Curriculum program both to women in leadership at all levels and especially those in male-dominated industries.

The great news is that we no longer need to allow our Inner or Outer Glass Ceilings to dictate our future choices, fulfillment, or success. I’ve seen over and over that the combination of addressing both beliefs and behaviors that are stopping us, while integrating powerful communication, negotiating for ourselves and creating a culture of support and advocacy for women is empowering and possible.

What Women’s Leadership and Diversity Clients Are Saying:

“Lois was our opening keynote speaker at our conference this year. The audience loved her and her message for the nearly 800 (mostly) female audience who work in the very male dominated world of trucking. She shared her experiences in a way that made the message more personal. I would recommend Lois for anyone looking for a speaker who encourages, supports, empowers and entertains her audience. You can’t miss the mark with Lois and her Courage to Sparkle!”

– Ellen Voie, CEO of Women In trucking,

“Lois is phenomenal! Together with a group of women lawyers, I attended Lois’ Shatter Your Inner and Outer Glass Ceiling Program. She was excellent at listening and helping to identify issues faced by women lawyers in the courtroom and the boardroom. Lois provided tangible tools and effective strategies for improving and elevating my presence and dealing with gender-related issues that women lawyers face. Lois’ coaching session helped me figure out not only how to have a seat at the table, but how to lead and control the table!”

– LisaMarie Collins
Attorney at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.
February 11, 2020, LisaMarie was a client of Lois’

“Lois is a Powerhouse! 350 women came away energized, inspired and full of great ideas! They talked about it for weeks afterwards.”

– Aliana Apodaca, SW Women’s Leadership Conference of Texas

“Lois was a breath of fresh air from start to finish in our workshop on “How to Shatter the Inner and Outer Glass Ceiling”. She wowed the Financial Women’s Association Pacesetter group with her unique approaches to making an impact and having more influence. Lois is creative, engaging and drives home key points through modeling and interacting with her audience. With humor, high energy and proven strategies, Lois was able to help the group uncover some of the obstacles that were holding them back, and she offered a plan for how to move past them. If you or your team want to make a bigger impact in your organization, Lois is someone I highly recommend. She has a special brand of sizzle and her book, Courage to Sparkle, is a fascinating read.”

Gerri Feemster Bostick
Executive & Leadership Coach, CPCC, ACC
April 29, 2019, Gerri was a client of Lois’

“Your presentation hit on so many issues we all face as women working in a fast-paced, high-pressure, male-dominated industry. You had us laughing at ourselves as you showed us hot to truly take control of difficult situations and turn them into win-win opportunities for us and out clients. We are a tough group of professional women who thought we had heard it all about reducing stress and what we need to do to build our careers… but we hadn’t. I look forward to hearing you speak again. Thanks again for your excellent presentation!”

– Jacquie Tannenbaum
Assistant Director NH Chapter, Women in eDiscovery