How to Give Thoughtful Creative Gifts that Don’t Break the Bank

During this year of the pandemic, many of our gift-giving budgets have shrunk beyond recognition. It’s understandable when faced with financial challenges to swap out gift-giving for getting by. That being said, I have found the greatest gifts I’ve ever received have been small in the price tag department but large in meaning; simply because someone was paying attention.

My Mom, Edie, was the Queen of Acknowledgement so gift-giving was one of many ways she let people know she cared. I’ve followed her legacy and LOVE giving gifts to people in my life both personally and professionally that hold meaning and enriches their life; it truly warms my heart.


Exactly what you’d do with meeting with friends, family, clients, and in everyday life. Even with new clients that we don’t know, we can often find the “clues in the small talk,” that are important to them. We are all so distracted these days that when someone tunes in and sees us and offers us a gift that touches our hearts we feel so appreciative, at least, I certainly do.

I’m honored to be one of four speakers featured in this month’s karmaSpeaker article on Unique and Cost-Conscious Gift Ideas for Speakers to Give to Customers, and while it’s geared towards the Speaker community it’s totally translatable to any other industry or just gift-giving in general.

What are some of the creative ways you give thoughtful gifts to the people in your life, I’d LOVE to know!

May this year you offer the greatest gift to your friends and family; your care and rapt attention, and may you receive the greatest gift, health, and safety! Many Holiday Blessings! Lois