Is it a Tool or a Weapon?

So it’s the second day in a row that basically my “things to do, things to accomplish to stay on track,” list is being “eclipsed” optimistic word for hijacked, due to the election. I literally can’t keep my eyes off the “please let’s have a different leader” prize!

I’m getting dribs and drabs of mostly lightweight work done but no heavy lifting that needs lots of mental and emotional bandwidth to move forward on.

By yesterday’s end of the day, I was relieved with the trajectory of where the election is going but also a tad saturated and overstimulated.

This morning, I had a different take on it. After talking a dear friend off the “omg what if he steals this” cliff, I shared step by step the infrastructure that is in place, strategies that are being employed, the restoration of checks and balances of what democracy stands for at its core, that are slowly but consistently returning to this country with the process; imperfectly, ongoingly, slowly, but thank goodness in the direction of integrity and transparency.

After the call, I thought about the previous day where I had gladly “lost a day” in the maelstrom nail-biting race ahead of us, but now I realized that without realizing it, I had actually done deep thoughtful work, of understanding the context of due process, checks and balances, and the breakdowns of different counties all across the country and the importance of that understanding.

That my “talking her off the cliff” wasn’t about slapping a happy band-aid on something and telling her pie in the sky predictions but as CNN uses as their tagline; Facts First! explanation that was rooting in actual facts and systems that are in place, AND YES nobody has a crystal ball. And yes, there’s going to be a lot of drama (god willing sans any violence).

What I had done yesterday with the hours of watching wasn’t about just mindlessly getting lost, aka time drunkenness (there was some of that for sure) but actually educating myself about the intricacies about the process, which while overstimulating at times, actually assuaged my fears.

So why am I sharing my process and insights with you? What I’m learning is that almost ANYTHING can be used as a tool to build knowledge, a bridge to close the learning curve, or give you more resources to move forward, or a weapon against your own sense of well-being, equanimity, and focus. And sometimes it’s a tad of both.

So whether it’s technology, media, or any other modalities of both knowledge AND consumption that you pursue make sure to ask yourself, “Am I using it as a tool (to move forward, to become more skilled, knowledgeable) or a weapon (against my own forward momentum or equanimity?

I think it’s something so important during these times where we are all on pins and needles and deeply embedded in the uncertainty of the future.

How does my concept of “is it a tool or a weapon” speak to you right now in your life? How can you use it to not only create forward momentum in your life but also stay centered and support your own well-being and sense of sanity? I’d love to know!

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out!