Luscious Life Lesson: Create a Possibility Posse

When one finally decides to surrender one’s membership to the BMW (Bitch, Moan, Whine) Club, with all its perks, one might worry, “What in the world will take its place?”

To which I say, “Create a Possibility-Posse” instead. While initially it may feel cathartic to spew your discontent and have it sent back at you, a sort of pathological ping-pong, I strongly suggest that instead, you surround yourself with a group of fabulous folks who support you in feeling heard while empowering you to live lusciously. I call this group your Possibility Posse.

It wasn’t until I started coaching others, that I realized that I had intuitively created a Possibility Posse for myself leading up to attracting luscious life partnership. Each friend/mentor in my sacred circle served such an important role, I just didn’t realize until years later what their respective roles were.

My dear friend Vicky lovingly nailed me on my need to sugarcoat things and encouraged me to be real, and to be honest instead. When I was “sort of upset” she got me to see the level of hurt I felt, etc. She was (and still is) my emotional BS meter. She also continues to be a great role model on how to be in a long-term successful marriage.

Aliana, my Salsa Sista, offers rapt attention, and is a glowing example of gutsiness and heart all rolled up into one. When I have lapses, and stay in “Caterpillar Mode,” she shakes me up and says, “Salsa Sista, you’re a Butterfly, get your wings (and your act together) and fly!”

Leigh was a fellow traveler on the luscious life partnership path,  served as colleague and audience. I would come home from horrific dates and when I shared them with Leigh, she screamed with laughter. Her reaction was so contagious that I started to take notes of what she thought was humorous, and eventually created a one-woman show, “1001 Dates from Hell..And The Woman Who Lived Through Them,” which unfortunately, was autobiographical.

Jerry was the beacon light of clarity, always reflecting back, “What do you want? What are you committed to? What actions can you take today to make that happen?” My dear friend Richard, a gifted healer, reminded me of the lessons that were available to me at every juncture.

Coaches that kept reflecting what I wanted back to me with a keen eye and a lighthearted touch.

Remember, life is easier when you’re on team. Who’s on your Team Luscious?

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Are you ready or just ready to be ready for luscious life partnership. You need to know!!!!

Luscious Lady Lois signing off