Move From Criticism to Curiosity

So one of my major “complaints/stressors” is my relationship with technology, it’s just something that feels like a pain in the a** but I still have to deal with it!

But what I keep learning over and over is that when we can move from being critical and stressed out to be curious and seeing what we can learn and challenging our old beliefs about something, that’s when the magic happens, and that’s when we SPARKLE.

I have been wanting to spruce up my LOIS-isms for a long time, but had an old “story” that I just am not great with visual design. Enter my dear friend and client, Kim, who taught me some basics with canva after her creating my new LOIS-ism template, and voila! 45 minutes later I created a new design and had a ball!

Check it out!

How can you Move From Criticism to Curiosity today and always, free up your mental space, feel better, have more energy and SPARKLE!!! Yes even during COVID! I’d love to know. Please share this post with anyone you know can use a lift right now!