Today is the day folks.

Today would’ve been my Dad, (pix below, he’s center with a lovely smile and boutonniere) Ben’s 94th birthday, and he stood for justice, fairness, kindness, generosity, love of diversity, and especially the food each diversity provides to the world’s palette- LOL!

I woke up thinking that he and all of our other loved

ones on the other side and ancestors who worked and lived tirelessly so that we could have some modicum of a fair and just world (albeit a wildly imperfect one) are working together now on an energetic level to shift the tide of this country’s future to

one of what true democracy stands for. It really calmed me down and helped me focus.

So for me when I light that candle and send vibes to the world with the intention for a seismic shift I will also recruit those who have gone before me who are beacons of light leading the way on the other side so that things can and will change.

My Dad, Ben, embodied those qualities, so in his honor and for all our welfare, I bring the urgency to VOTE for what he stood for:

Very Fair and Full of Integrity

Optimistic to his core.

Truly Generous and Kind

Empathic to everyone, especially those with fewer resources.

PLEASE VOTE. Yours, Mine, and Our voices count!