When you’re feeling “why bother” remind yourself “Why it’s important to bother?”

We’ve all had enough overstimulation over the last week or so to both buoy us up or wipe us out, it’s been a pretty exhausting time emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. And when you wake up to a grey rainy day with things to do list that totally disinterested in doing, that’s when the “why bothers” come out in their Nelly Negativity Why Bother Dance! Yup having one of those days for sure. If I had to define this “why bother” feeling it would be a milky washed out grey with not hues of color or dimension, a blog of a color. Sound familiar?

The first place I go to is “why write?” “Does anyone look at it, does anyone care, why bother!” like a metronome ranting on in a monotonous tone. “Why work on your website?” “Why bother?” The list goes on.

Understandable. But if we stop there, then we’re in real trouble. Because we’re giving power to the same ol same ol Itty Bitty Committee. But if we stop, breathe, and ask “Why bother to write?” Well, I get great satisfaction, clarity, and in more than one case (people beyond know, like, and trust me) say “thanks! I needed to hear that.” “Why continue to work on my website?” Cause by doing it I’m putting myself out there and someone who may need or want my services may really get the support they need. But the best reason of all is that when we don’t keep our word to ourselves about what we are committed to doing, and who we’re committed to showing up as; that’s the ultimate betrayal- the betrayal of self.

Decades ago I heard this quote and it stayed with me forever. “We can have what we want in our lives, or we can have a thousand excuses for why we can’t have what we want.”

Which will it be today for you?

I’m not talking about being a hardcore perfectionist, or never taking a day off, or being rigid. I’m talking about staying the course in all its mundane yet magical ways, because when we keep our word to ourselves, that’s when our trust of self builds, and we live in the solution, not the drama.

So today on this grey day I ask you to consider when you hear the blah blah blahs say, “Why bother?” Stop. Take a Breath. And really ask yourself “Good question,” and list the reasons why it really is worth it to bother.

What resonates with you on this post?

Feel free to share with those you know could use a little boost and reminder today.

And yes, I’m REALLY glad that today I bothered!

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out.