How to Address Your Negative Self-Talk in 2021!

Yes, we’re in pandemic part II and yes most of our “outer worlds” meaning staying put, masks, social distancing, and all that jazz will be pretty similar to Part I. It’s just the way it’ll be. Yes it’s a drag, but needs to be done. Not gloom and doom thinking but being real.

But what about our inner worlds, our beliefs, our aspirations, our goals, they can take us to new places of travel and expansion whether we chose to leave the front door for more than the basics or not.
That’s where the real gold is!

I set some juicy Q1 goals for myself both in my personal and professional life in addition to habits that I’d like to integrate into my life. Day 1 of my “work week” I witnessed myself failing miserably from what I set out to accomplish. Join the crowd!

But what I saw immediately that made the difference was to ask myself, “How am I talking to myself about myself….right now…in this minute?” “What am I saying?” I stopped. Took a breath. Always a good idea. Just witnessed with curiosity, not criticism. I heard the same ol same ol nonsense that I did in 2020.

But what I’m committed to changing is how much power I will give it, and how to shift my inner talk to a more empowering conversation. Humor always being front and center in my life, I discovered a long time ago when we make fun of the Itty Bitty Committee in our head, we lighten up, we lessen its power over us and we get creative to shift it.

That’s what prompted me to create my Smart Sexy TV series, empowerment meets humor. What I call Wayne Dyer meets Carol Burnett way of helping us to move forward.

Want to lighten up when it comes to your negative self-talk? Check out my episode “Having Fun with Your Itty Bitty Committee” to find out how to bring more humor and healing to your negative self-talk.

Spoiler Alert: Next week I’ll be sharing an exercise on how to let the Itty Bitty Committee know who’s in charge (hint: it ain’t them) and to embody the vision you want to create in your life.

I wish for you that 2021 be an extraordinary year for you to really step into your most audacious, authentic, and true selves, despite the seismic challenges we are going through, and live your life from that place.

Cause guess what?

Life is Short. Life is Precious. And the world is hungry for the one-of-a-kind gem that you are!

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